Who is Janet Jones?

Hi, it's me. I am Janet Jones. 

I am 5ft 2, eyes of blue with lots of life experience behind me.

Starting in 1992, I have been blessed with three fabulous children who are adults now. Well, one of them has been promoted to an angel. 

I do my best to be kind and compassionate to everyone and I always aim to eat healthy but chocolate is my weakness :)

My passionate approach to life has lead me to many creative experiences. Creative family portraiture being one of them. 

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Studying photography as a BA Hons student at Bradford Art College, West Yorkshire (2002-05), taught me the power of capturing communication in images. When this magic communication  happens, images really do speak a thousand words. They can make you roar with laughter, fill you will love and pride and bring you to tears. That is my skill. That is the passion I will put into my photography when I capture the love within your family or loved ones.

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Since losing my beautiful son, Murray on July 14th 2019, I bring my heart into my photography to help you to capture your family. I now KNOW the true value of a beautifully captured family portrait. 

They REALLY are priceless.

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Through loss I find hope...

Losing my son Murray (right in the pic below) has been the most difficult thing in my life. However, it has also given me greater clarity on the important things and there is none more important than family. 

Helping families to capture their love for one another has become a calling. If you don't book me to create an image to remember, book someone. You will NEVER regret it. 

You see, I had been asking my children for years to have a family photo shoot and it was always met with complaints. Five years ago, for my 50th birthday, they agreed to having the photo shoot I wanted. Getting them together was a challenge and before we knew it, the time had passed. 

At my nieces wedding, in 2017, I grabbed the photographer and asked him to take a photo of me and my children. The image below is the only one I have. It isn't the image I had in mind. There isn't much communication between us and we are just stood in a row.

However, it is the most valuable image I have, as I will NEVER have the chance for a re-take.

The time is now. Don't wait too long.

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